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Golfhotel Berlin-Motzen
Golf & Wellness in excellent location

Land Area: 18.000 m²
Floor Space Hotel: 7.400 m²
Floor Space Spa & Fitness: 4.800 m²
Floor Space Conference: 1.100 m²
Hotel Rooms: 132
Parking Lots: 200
Investment Volume: 25,5 Mio. €
Projected Opening: 2021

Not far from Berlin’s new airport, an exquisite golf and spa hotel is planned, with 132 rooms and suites for the discerning traveler.

The convenient, central location and direct access to the renowned Golf & Country Club Motzener See make the luxury resort an attractive destination for leisure and business travelers. With its more than 4000 m2 spa and fitness area will be unique in the capital region.