Sustainable real estate solutions. Real perspectives.

Euroconcept Group is an independent real estate development and investment company specializing in the design and realization of contemporary hotel and resort projects.

The transnational company was founded in 2007 by Kurt Breit, Guido Layer and Dr. Walter Gebhardt in order to invest the joint expertise in management, construction and law in sustainable real estate solutions. Following continuous growth, Euroconcept is currently implementing development projects around 125 million Euros.

As a full-service provider Euroconcept covers the entire value chain of real estate development – from the initiation and securing of real estate through planning, realization, marketing and leasing to the sale. The experienced team of project developers, architects, lawyers and industry experts combines interdisciplinary specialist knowledge with creative lateral thinking.

Euroconcept identifies the hidden potential of a property or business model; creates a point-exact development concept and implements it just as precisely. The company works closely with leading authorities in the hotel, construction and finance sectors to independently review and validate the success-related project factors.

Politics & Strategy

Gaining the edge through knowledge

Hospitality Development is the premier class of real estate development. No other asset class places higher demands on the developers. The competitive combination of location quality, project idea, business model, tenants and capital investment requires a maximum of market knowledge, key performance indicators and negotiating skills.

In order to convince with excellence in this demanding market segment, Euroconcept networks experts from all relevant disciplines. Based on their in-depth knowledge, we recognize the hidden potentials of locations and real estate at an early stage – and are in a position to mobilize them just as quickly.

Make complex easy

Interdisciplinary know-how is essential for the efficient coordination of development projects. Project developments, especially hotel developments, are complex processes with a large number of participants and interfaces. That’s why we, as a complete developer, take over centralized project management, which simplifies communication between stakeholders and allows processes to run smoothly together.

With holistically conceived real estate solutions, we bring the interests of hotel operators, tenants, investors and municipalities in harmony and open real perspectives for the region. Our projects generate solid growth, secure jobs and a contemporary urban quality of life.

Achieve excellent results

Real estate development shapes the future of people and locations. We are aware of this responsibility and consider it a basic principle of our company. As initiators of complex projects at the interface of business, politics and society, we strive for excellent results that create long-term added value for all stakeholders.

Euroconcept operates comprehensive quality management according to the guidelines of the EFQM model. By critically analyzing our actions, we discover potential for improvement and remain open to renewal. Our appreciative, creative and innovation-promoting corporate culture provides fertile ground for sustainable real estate solutions and sustainable growth.


Mastermind, lateral thinker, maker.

As a founder and shareholder we are the driving force of the corporate group. As experienced executives, we lead our project teams with foresight, creativity and passion for the cause. As committed networkers, we maintain contacts with the most important experts and decision-makers in the industry. And as responsible entrepreneurs, we are committed to business excellence – with the aspiration to always meet or even exceed the expectations we have.

Kurt Breit

CEO of Euroconcept Group

Guido Layer

Director Construction & Technology of Euroconcept Group

Igor Vidmajer

Director of Sales of Euroconcept Group


Network experts, use synergies

From the project idea to the completion of the project, there are many hurdles to overcome. Good if you know how to take it. Thanks to effective teamplay, we are well prepared for a quick finish. Euroconcept cooperates with recognized specialists in the hotel, construction and real estate industries at every stage of project development. The strong synergies of our network of experts give all business partners the decisive edge over their success.